Janet Phelan Water Wars: Targeted Killing Resistors To The NWO With Double Lined City Water Pipes

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Janet Phelan wrote Water As A Weapon. She began asking questions of the Los Angeles Water Dept and was fired from her reporting job at the Santa Monica Times. A co-operating journalist Fred Aguilar at the Los Angeles Times was also fired. In her articles, interviews and video she has written about double lined water pipes which allow a person with a lap top to remotely deliver a toxin, an hallucinogen, a sedative, a virus or a combination there of to a specific household.

The video below explains how this water system design which began to be implemented almost fifty years ago under President Nixon can poison one individually selected home at a time and not just neighborhoods.

Suppose they wanted to poison only Hispanics. They could reach Hispanics under a neighborhood water delivery system but have ten million angry Hispanics from mixed race areas survive and come looking for…

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How Good & Evil works.

Yes, the Bush family and their associates created the War on Drugs and are also the ones who, using the CIA, have been bringing in the vast majority of the drugs into the USA since at least the 1960s. They were behind the War on Poverty (welfare) so large pools of cash would go to inner city blacks which then they could then vacuum up by selling them drugs, thereby destroying black neighborhoods. Their corporate bankster associates are also the ones benefitting from the prison slave labor having sent 45 million Americans to prison during the last 5 decades of the farcically genocidal drug war. The Bush family CIA was behind the drug cartels in southeast asia during the Vietnam war, Colombia in the 1980s, Mexico and now Afghanistan. The federal courts should have known since Iran-Contra that something was seriously wrong with this War on Drugs when its key…

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Nemtsov & The End Of The British Empire

Left Hook by Dean Henderson

1997 - 1-22 - Guatemala - Tikal - face carved in stoneThe assassination of Russian opposition leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov yesterday as he crossed a bridge near the Kremlin will surely be well-utilized by Western lapdog media in their ongoing effort to slander Vladimir Putin and Russia.

But any thinking person will know that this professional killing was not carried out by Putin, who has vowed a thorough investigation of the incident. It was likely another in a series of desperate moves by the British MI6, who work for the Crown and the Rothschild-led City of London bankers.

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