Janet Phelan Water Wars: Targeted Killing Resistors To The NWO With Double Lined City Water Pipes

Video Rebel's Blog

Janet Phelan wrote Water As A Weapon. She began asking questions of the Los Angeles Water Dept and was fired from her reporting job at the Santa Monica Times. A co-operating journalist Fred Aguilar at the Los Angeles Times was also fired. In her articles, interviews and video she has written about double lined water pipes which allow a person with a lap top to remotely deliver a toxin, an hallucinogen, a sedative, a virus or a combination there of to a specific household.

The video below explains how this water system design which began to be implemented almost fifty years ago under President Nixon can poison one individually selected home at a time and not just neighborhoods.

Suppose they wanted to poison only Hispanics. They could reach Hispanics under a neighborhood water delivery system but have ten million angry Hispanics from mixed race areas survive and come looking for…

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